Note from our LLPOA president

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Mar 082014


   My name is Jim Oleksy and I am president of LLPOA.  I hope I can answer your questions.  We are a new administration less than one year old.  I believe everything we do is in line with our bylaws.  Every Monday night I open my home to the lake community for weekly meetings but sadly only the 7 or 8 dedicated board and committee members ever come.

   Last year only 118 of over 650 family’s paid the maintenance fee. That came to $5900.00. Our  taxes, insurance and utility’s came to almost $5200.00.

   Our problem is little interest in the lake by our community.  On the night I was elected president, we had to call people by cell phone and beg them to come and vote so we would have 12 voters as the bylaws state.  It almost did not happen.  Last year 7 of us walked the mailers door to door because we did not have the money to mail them out.

    I assure you that our books are open and we plan to post them on our web site.  We welcome all input as to how to get our community interested. We need a minimum income of $15,000 to $18,000 to open the lake for swimming, treat the water and pay our bills.

    I invite you to our 7:30pm weekly meetings on Mondays at my home, 115 Claremont Terrace any help or input is deeply appreciated.  If you can’t make a meeting, feel free to send an email to and  I will do my best to answer your questions and accept your input.


Thank you,


Don’t forget to send in your 2013 maintenance fee

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Jan 252013

Please remember to send in your maintenance fee for 2013.

Thank you to those that have sent theirs in.

We hand walked maintenance fee flyers to every home in Lionshead Lake.

We desperately need your help.

Please remind your neighbors to send in their fee.

To make it easy, you can now pay through Paypal ( or send a check to:
PO Box 2401
Wayne, NJ 07474

Thank you

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